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Goosen’t: Run or Die is a hard but fair 2D platformer where you control Duk, a goose wizard. Having lost a bet with Astaroth, one of the lords of hell, Duk has found himself cursed to run endlessly, or else perish. Help the wizard in his journey to gather the magical crystals needed to reach the deep pits of hell and challenge Astaroth for one last fight to break the curse once and for all. And, please, don’t let him bet anything this time.

  • Let nothing stop you:

Leap, dash and run across 50 hand-crafted levels while you flee from the bomb demons of Pointy Mountains, dodge the enemies hidden in the shadows of the Ancient Spruce Forest, and avoid sinking in the burning lava of Hell.

  • Exorcise the demons

Exorcise the demons: slay the minions of hell Astaroth sent to stop you and defeat his guardians in boss fights with unique mechanics.

  • Physics based objects:

Use real-time physics to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and smash the bizarre creatures of the underworld.

  • Customize your goose:

Find collectibles to unlock new wigs, hats, shoes and more!

  • Unleash the wizard

Unlock skills to break through walls and blast foes with mini supernovas

  • Be quick or be dead

Earn rewards by completing levels as quickly as you can